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Bat Shaving Services (Includes Heated Rolling)

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How do I Order?
Ordering our CNC Lathe Bat Shaving Services are a simple as 1-2-3. Once you place your order, we will email you all the required shipping information. You simply box your bat/s and ship them to us. When you get them back they'll be HOT and READY for you to drop bombs. We recommend that you email us before sending your bat in to ensure we can shave your model. Many of the newer models are not able to be shaving or are not recommended to be shaved since they crack quickly after shaving is performed. Ultimately it's your personal choice.

Steps :

  • Enter your Qty, select the desired shaving level and any add-ons and "Add To Cart"
  • Finalize your order at our secure store
  • Box your bat and ship to us. (You will receive shipping details once your order is completed)

Why should I get my bat rolled and shaved?
Shaving is the best way to get your bat to performance at its highest possible level. Typically those players who are playing in leagues with no bat rules, homerun derbies or showcases will choose to go with shaving. On many bats we’ve tested there have been distance improvements of 30-50ft by shaving. Of course this makes the use of this bat illegal for use in any sanctioned events that has rules against the use of such product or alteration. We suggest that you check with your local league in regards to use of shaved bats. For those of you that cannot use shaved bats, then we suggest that you purchase our rolling service. This will still get you increases in the 30ft range (at the high levels) but it also ensures you won’t exceed the designed certified performance levels approved by the governing bodies.

Why should I roll my bat as well?
Over 13+ years we’ve found that in order to eliminate the small break in process after shaving, it is best to get your bat rolled at the same time you’re getting it shaved. Simply put, shaving thins the walls of the bat to improve flexing but since the bat still have MANY layers that still need to be broke in that rolling will then speed up that process as well.

Do you compression test bats before and after to verify maxium results?
We compression test ALL bats before and after our shaving process. In most cases this will cause your bat to exceed the maximum peroformace level. Please add a note on your order if you desire to have the berfore and after results included with your bat return.


What Shaving Level should I choose?
We offer 3 levels of shaving. Normal shaving level is a balanced level of good performance and good durability (Approximately 40% loss in durability). Aggressive shaving (better performance but greater likelyhood of craciking in less than 400 hits or less) and Freakin HOT level (This is the highest level possible when shaving). With the Freakin HOT level you may only get a couple hundred hits before breakage. We recommend the normal level to most customers since the cost of bats nowadays is quite expensive but if money is not a concern, feel free to select one of our higher shaving levels.

Can you quickly explain the shaving process?
Shaving is a process that requires the removal of the end cap. Once the end cap is removed, the bat is placed in a Digital CNC Lathe. Once the settings have been programmed into the Lathe a bar with a special cutting tool is inserted into the rotating bat and a predetermined about of material is removed. Once that is completed, the end cap is securely attached. After several hours of curing the bat is ready to ship back to the customer.

What is the turnaround time for your Bat Shaving Services?
Typical turnaround time is 2-3 business days from time of receipt till we can ship. Sometimes if we are slow, we can do it in 1-2 days but that usually is not the case.

What is the value of the Polymer Coating?
Polymer coating is a fairly new process that slows down the expedited breakage that all shaved bats will have. We apply a very thin coating to the inside of the bat to give it some added protection. There is no additional weight added to the bat by doing this process so it’s highly recommended for those looking for optimal performance and durability from their newly shaved bat.

What if my bat has already been used and I think it's broken in?
Even bats the have been used will benefit from our shaving and rolling process. We get bats in every week that has 300-400 hits on them and after we get the bats back to the owner they are very surprised with the results. Keep in mind that if you’re getting a very used bat shaved it will crack that much quicker.

Is Shaving considered Illegal and will it void my warranty?
While we don't get into the legalities of the shaving process we do recommend that you consult your local league or association in regards to their rules reagarding shaving. In most cases, Shaving is not approved for use in any sanctioned league or tournament play but in many leagues, showcases or homerun derbies it is approved. Shaving and or Rolling WILL void all warranties originally offered on your bat therefore you should take that into consideration prior to making your purchase.

Does BatRolling4u, LLC re-label or re-paint bats?
We do not offer this service.

Process Highlights :

  • Composite or Aluminum
  • Baseball or Softball
  • Parallel or Perpendicular
  • Every shaved bat is Heat Rolled at no additional charge
  • 30-50ft Increases (Rolling + Shaving)
  • Larger Sweetspot
  • Compression Tested to verify results
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Product Reviews

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  1. New Energy for Old Fart

    Posted by 65 years old, 150 lb. on 28th Nov 2015

    I had my Senior bat shaved and rolled for use in our League which uses limited flight balls. I am a line drive hitter, and now able to thread the outfielders for extra bases, and if they cheat in on me, burn them out near the fence.

  2. Shaving Service

    Posted by Abdiel on 24th Nov 2015

    I received the bats after the season ended so I can't review the increase in distance. However, the process was very quick and easy, I received the bats 3 after mailing them.

  3. Extra Umph!

    Posted by Rod on 6th Nov 2015

    Had my senior softball bat shaved, just a little, to get me from the warning track to the bleachers. Bat Shaving 4U did an excellent job. I'm happy with the bat and the service.

  4. Batrolling4u does it again

    Posted by g. goot on 8th Sep 2015

    we recently sent a New bat to batrolling4u that just didn't seem to have any POP to it and my son just wouldn't use it, we sent it to batrolling4u and got it back on a Friday and my 10 year old hit 2 HR in a tournament on Saturday. Great Job!!!!!!!

  5. 2 Home Runs first tournament out!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Goot on 4th Sep 2015

    I recently had a bat shaved and rolled, the first my son used the bat he hit two HR in the Championship game.
    I would highly recommend it those players who needs that extra 20-30 ft.

Showing reviews 1-5 of 10 | Next

Shipping & Payments


We accept payments via Master Card, Visa, Discover and American Express and also PayPal. All orders MUST be shipped to the billing address on the credit card. This is to ensure we do our best to prevent fraud. BatRolling4u, LLC reserves the right to request additional verification based on the order value. All orders are 100% secure so you'll have total confidence with your purchase.


All new bat orders are normally shipped 2-3 business days (Mon - Fri) after purchase. For those of you that are ordering our Bat Rolling Service, we roll ALL bats the same day received and ship the following business day while Bat Shaving orders typically have a 2-3 processing time. We offer UPS and USPS Shipping options during your checkout. Available shipping times range from 1 to 7 days depending on your location and selected shipping method. These shipping time are in addition to the 2-3 business day processing time. BatRolling4u, LLC reserves the right to upgrade your shipping option as needed. All new bat orders will be shipped requiring an adult signature.

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