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Welcome to the Nations #1 Bat Rolling | Bat Shaving Store

We offer Bat Rolling and Bat Shaving Services as well as the HOTTEST new bats on the market today. You can purchase a new bat from us and customize it with Rolling or Shaving (Please note - Shaving is not available on all models) or send your bat into us for the desired service. We also offer the higest quality Bat Rolling Machines for those looking to roll their own bats or get in the bat rolling business. All bats are compression tested prior to performing the Bat Rolling or Bat Shaving process to verify optimal performance is achieved.

Bat Rolling - Bat Shaving - What you need to know and Why you need it!

Our Heated Bat Rolling Services using our EPP (Electric Progressive Parallel) Technique on ALL bats will dramatically improve the performance of any composite Softball or Baseball bat by 20-40 feet. Aluminum or Alloy bats typically gain approximately 10-20ft while Bat Shaving has been shown to increase distance by another 10-25ft on most models. This will make you a more consistent hitter. As composite softball and baseball bats reach the 500-700 hit range, the performance increases significantly compared to stock. This performance increase is due to the resins (glue) which binds the layers of composite material begin to break down. Prior to shipping your bat we will compression test all bats to ensure your bat does not exceed their certified performance levels. Bats that have been shaved will obviously exceed the approved performance levels but we check them as well to include in our knowledge base. We offer 3 levels of shaving (Normal, Aggressive and Freakin HOT. This allows you to choose the level to fit your particular requirements.

Our Heated Bat Rolling Break In Services using our EPP (Electric Progressive Parallel) Technique on ALL bats and Digital CNC Lathe Bat Shaving Services. We have found that most new models are performing better using this pre heating process as compared to traditional rolling methods. The natural break in of your bat can be accelerated by Heated Bat Rolling and we bring 14+ years of Bat Juicing experience to our customers. It is proven that Bat Rolling allows your bat to perform MUCH better than stock but still perform within the certified performance levels. For those looking for the highest levels of performance (Up to 50ft improvements) and don't participate in leagues or events prohibiting Bat Shaving we also offer Bat Shaving Services as well as options to add this service to your new bat purchase.

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Satisfaction Guarnatee
We understand that quality customer service is a must. You'll find others that claim to offer satisfaction and bat breakage guarantees. Guarantees are only as good as the company who offer them.
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