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As we begin our 19th year in business, we'd like to thank our loyal customer base for the years of successful business. We appreciate you considering us when making your next purchase. Below we have some great coupon codes that we help with your purchase. Thank you again and we look forward to your business!

15OFF200 - $15 off orders of $200 or more
25OFF375 - $25 off orders of $375 or more
30OFF450 - $30 off orders of $450 or more

NOTE - Coupon Codes CANNOT used on Bat Rolling Machine Orders!

BatRolling4u offers to all active / retired Military or any active First Responder a $25 off your new bat purchase.  All that is needed to obtain the discount is proof of valid ID showing your credentials.  You can simply text a picture to us at 959-242-4432.  We will respond to you with a unique promo code for you to use moving forward.

The Following Bats are available at a discounted price. These bats are in great shape and are extra stock or have been ordered incorrectly by a customer and we've taken them back but can't sell them as brand new. Email Us if any of these interest you. Of course any of these bats can have our Heated Rolling or Shaving service added to them or we can leave them perfectly stock. Let us know.