Bat Shaving 1

Bat Shaving 101

Why is having an experience Shaving Company Important?
Bat Shaving is an art. Just because you have a lathe doesn't make you an experienced bat shaving company. There are only a hand full of companies that can successfully roll and shave the newer Composite and Aluminum bats. This is important to getting a superior product. Don't trust your $300 bat to just anyone.

What should you pay for a quality Shaving job?
Bat Shaving is a science and you MUST get it done by a professional. You will see Bat Shaving for as low as $50. With Bat Shaving you GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. If you choose to go with a lower priced company you will not get the results you desire or your $300 bat will prematurely break after minimal hits or not perform like it should. A lot of lower price services will only use a hand drill to hone the inside of the bat out. A Digital CNC Lathe is required to ensure consistent optimal results for your bat.

What Shaving Level should I choose?
We offer 3 levels of shaving. Normal shaving level is a balanced level of good performance and good durability (Approximately 15% loss in durability). Aggressive shaving (better performance but greater likelihood of cracking in less than 700 hits or less) and Freaking HOT level (This is the highest level possible when shaving). With the Freaking HOT level you may only get 300-400 hits before breakage. 9 out of 10 customers get the normal shaving level and are more than satisfied with the performance. We recommend the normal level to most customers since the cost of bats  is quite expensive but if money is not a concern feel free to select one of our higher shaving levels but please understand you're bat may crack after a couple hundred hits if you choose one of these higher levels..

How do you Shave a Bat?
The first step in the shaving process is removing the end cap. This allows them to be re-used to ensure a proper fit. In some cases the end cap is damaged during the removal process so you want to make sure you choose a company the ability to replace the end cap if needed to ensure it is securely replaced. Once the end cap is removed the inner barrel walls of the bat are then shaved to make them thinner. A qualified bat shaver will use a Professional CNC Lathe to remove a predetermine amount of material from the inner walls of your bat. They will remove typically 3/4 to 1 ounce of weight during the shaving process on softball bats and baseball typically only loose about .5 ounces. You can only shave the area of the bat that has the same diameter. Baseball bats typically only have 4-6 inches of this area so the amount removed is limited. Companies that claim to take 2-3 ounces out of your bat simply by shaving are either lying to you or you will be getting a bat back that will crack in half after only 20-30 hits.

What are the benefits from shaving?
Once your bat is shaved, the walls will be able to compress more and this will create greater trampoline effect when it makes contact with the ball. This will create a higher batted ball Shaved which adds distance. Couple this with rolling and you see typical increases in the 30-50ft range and a much larger sweet spot so your miss-hits are not noticed as much. We highly recommend that you locate a supplier that will roll your bat along with shaving. This will give you the best results.

What are risks associated with Bat Shaving?
As mentioned above, when you shave your bat you are thinning out the walls of the bats. Bats were designed with durability in mind as well as performance. Since the walls are thinner your bat will most likely break sooner than a bat that has not been shaven. Another consideration is the potential legal issues that come with shaving. If you were to injure someone using a shaved bat you most likely will be sued and banned from your league or association. It's very easy to determine if a bat has been shaved or not. You simply just remove the end cap and look inside. You will be able to see the lathe marks on the inside of the barrel.

Will shaving my bat void my warranty?
Most certainly. In fact, by rolling or shaving you are voiding all warranties. Also, please note that BatRolling4u, LLC is not affiliated with any manufacturer or association. Any use of manufacturer names, images or descriptions as well as use of association names or certification markings is only to identify the products to our customers.