Bat Altering

Bat Altering 101

What is Bat Altering?
Bat Altering is a term used by most to define the process of making a baseball or softball bat HOTTER. There are many different ways to alter a bat. The 2 most common methods currently in use are Bat Rolling or Shaving (or a combination of both processes). In the past people use to paint unapproved bats to resemble a legal bat. This process is still happening but is mostly done by “underground” suppliers because there are some major legal considerations with this process.

What are the benefits of Bat Alerting?
To quickly answer that question, by altering your bat you will increase the batted ball speed which will then increase the distance of your hits. Typically, Bat Rolling will improve the performance by 10-40ft depending on the type of bat you have. Aluminum bats are usually on the lower end of this range while composite softball bats are on the higher end. If you’re shaving your bat you will typically see improvements of 10-20ft Additional distance on top of the rolled improvements. This is why most companies that offer bat shaving will also recommend rolling as well.

What type of machines are BEST for rolling?
We recommend Xtreme Series Parallel - Perpendicular Bat Rolling Machine. Obviously we are biased a bit since we sell it but over the years we’ve used EVERY other machine out there and honestly, this machine is so much better than anything out there. This machine will roll Parallel or Perpendicular if needed and is the industry standard when it comes to Bat Rolling Machines.

Will altering hurt my bat at all?
Rolling a bat does not affect the durability of the bat. For this reason again we recommend rolling vs. shaving. Shaving a bat will cause it to lose about 50% of the durability and is illegal in every major association. If you get caught using a shaved bat you will be banned and possibly face legal actions should you use it and someone gets hurt.

Is rolling or shaving considered Illegal?
While we don't discuss the legalities of Bat Rolling or Shaving we would recommend that you consult your local league or association in regards to the rolling process. In most cases their are rules in regards to rolling that prohibit such alteration but in many leagues and associations the rules are not so clear and also in leagues with no bats rules, homerun derbies or showcases the process is acceptable. We compress test ALL  bats after rolling to ensure they still are performing at or below the maximum allowable level. Also, since ALL manufacturers are required to send a sampling of their bats to independent testing facilities prior to approval for use our belief is that since it has already been proven that approved bats will not exceed the designed performance levels after and ABI process (identical to our rolling process) rolling is simply allowing your bat to performance at it's optimal level without having to put 1000's of hits on it before it reaches this level. Shaving is considered illegal in most every league unless it has no bat rules or used in homerun derbies or showcase. Use of a shaved bat in any sanctioned event or league is prohibited.

Will Rolling or Shaving Void my manufacturers warranty?
Simple answer is YES.