Frequently Asked Questions

Can you briefly explain your Heated - Parallel Progressive Compression Technique?
Most companies will determine the maximum rolling pressure and start at that pressure. This is totally incorrect and usually causes durability problems and also potentially causes your paint to spider web or alloy bat to dent prematurely. We have elected to roll most bats at 4-6 progressive compression points (depending on the type of bat). After we've rolled your bat it will have 500+ rotations through the machine (in some cases your bat will require more passes). Our Parallel Progressive Compression Technique takes longer than those charging less than us but we want you to be happy so we don't cut corners. All bats are Pre-Heated prior to Rolling. This process will benefit our customers with big barrel baseball bats and those with newer bats. What we've found is that most of the newer bats respond better after heating. Using previous rolling methods, you would reach a substantial amount of compression on your 3rd or 4th compression setting. Most of these new bats will actually benefit from using a moderate amount of compression with more Parallel rotations. In previous parallel rolling processes most companies would complete 10-20 rotations on your bat at each compression setting. What is actually working best now is to increase the amount of complete rotation to 40+ rotations at each compression setting.

Heated Bat Rolling and why you need it!
When rolling a bat, it's placed between two or three rollers of a Parallel/Perpendicular Bat Rolling Machine. We've experimented with Heated Bat Rolling for several years now and never really found too much benefit with the process. With the increased need for rolling to get the newer bats to properly respond to the rolling process. We felt it was necessary to revisit the heating process and see if there were any new benefits. What we found was that with the new design used in most Adult Baseball bats that by pre heating these bats prior to rolling we were seeing much better results. The thicker walls and different composite makeup has made rolling these bats a challenge. It is very difficult to get the walls to flex enough to get them to break in thoroughly. By heating these bats first we found it much easier and in fact we are seeing distance increases closer to that earlier models bat after rolling. In addition to new Adult baseball bats, we are finding that most manufacturers are now changing the design of the new bats. They are using less durable paint and they are also using a new spiral wrap design that causes bats to actually unravel as they exceed the designed performance levels. By heating your bat before rolling then you virtually eliminate this issue during the rolling process.

Do you compression test bats before and after to verify maximum results?
We compression test ALL bats before and after our heated rolling process. This ensures your bat will perform at its highest level WITHOUT exceeding the certified performance levels. We also compression test each bat sent in for shaving. Aggresive or Hot shaving will likely cause your bat to exceed the designed performance limit for the bat. Please add a note on your order if you desire to have the before and after results. We can include these reading with your paperwork return to you with your bat.

What is the turnaround time for your Bat Rolling Services?
We roll EVERY bat the same day we receive it and ship the following business day (this applies only to bats that customers send in for work). All Pre-Rolled Game Ready bats will be usually shipped within 2-3 business days from time of order but occasional delays do occur during busy times. Our inventory includes new bats still in the wrapper and as orders are received we process them accordingly. Orders are processed first come first serve basis.

Why should I roll my Bat?
When rolling a bat, it's placed between the three rollers of a Bat Rolling Machine and then pressure is applied so that as the bat passes through the rollers the bats fibers are stretched out and the glue holding the layers together is broken down. The is the same thing that happens as you take hours of batting practice. This causes the composite fibers to become more flexible which greatly improves the bat's trampoline effect. This trampoline effect is what produces the batted ball speed and distance. It will also widen the sweet spot of the bat which will make you a more consistent hitter.

Do BBCOR Bats benefit from Rolling?
We get this question asked all the time. The easy answer is YES, every bat will benefit from rolling regardless of whether or not bat manufacturers claim they are "Hot out of the wrapper" or not. BBCOR bats are excellent candidates for rolling. On most composite BBCOR bats, we are see improvements in the 20-25ft range. Alloy BBCOR bats are in the 10-15ft range typically.

Can Baseball bats be shaved as well?
Most certainly,  we can shave BBCOR, senior and youth baseball bats. We can also shave USA or USSSA baseball bats as well. The new design of these bats make rolling and shaving even more important than ever now. Whether you're looking to send your bat to us or purchase a new bat already rolled and or shaved, we are here to help.

23-voodoo-gold-shave1.png   23-voodoo-gold-shave2.png


Will rolling and or shaving improve my USA Baseball Bat?
For those effected by the USA Baseball performance standard I'm sure you are trying to find some way to improve the performance and or shaved of these new bats. This new performance standard has drastically reduced the exit velocity off these bats. You WILL need to get your bat rolled to bring it back to what you're use to. Bat Rolling has shown substantial improvements to several new bats we have tested. Please ensure you check with your league or event coordinator prior to getting your bat rolled or shaved. Some leagues or event may have rules that restrict these alterations.

What are the typical distance increased on USA baseball Bats
Our initial testing has shown that Alloy USA bats are improving around 10-15ft after rolling and 20-25ft after shaving. On the composite USA Baseball bats we are showing increased of 20-25ft after rolling and 30ft plus when you roll and shave them. Keep in mind your actual distances may vary slightly. Even with these sizeable increases, the new bats will not perform nearly as well as the older models but will perform noticeably better than a stock bat. Again, please confirm with your league or event coordinator prior to using a rolled or shaved bat. Some leagues and events permit the use while many do not.

What type of Bat Rolling Machine do you use?
We roll ALL bats with our DUAL Electric Driven Xtreme Black "Legacy" Bat Rolling Machines. We also have 2 manual machines for those bats that do require perpendicular rolling along with the parallel rolling.

What if my bat has already been used and I think it's broken in?
Even bats the have been used will benefit from our rolling process. We get bats in every day that have 300-400 hits on them and after we get the bats back to the owner they are very surprised with the results.

Is rolling considered Illegal?
While we don't discuss the legalities of Bat Rolling we would recommend that you consult your local league or association prior to purchasing our Bat Rolling Service or purchasing a bat that has been heat rolled. In most cases there are rules in regards to rolling that prohibit such alteration, but in some leagues and associations bat rolling is approved. Also, many home run derbies or showcases permit the use as well. Following the rolling process, we compression test ALL bats to ensure they still are performing at or below the maximum allowable level. Also, since ALL manufacturers are required to send a sampling of their bats to independent testing facilities prior to approval for use, it is our belief is that since they have already been proven not exceed the designed performance levels after an ABI process (identical to our rolling process) that rolling is simply allowing your bat to performance at it's optimal level without having to put 1000's of hits on it before it reaches this level.

Will Rolling or Shaving void my manufacturers warranty?
Simple answer is YES - All bats sold on this site are sold without warranty. We do however stand behind our workmanship should you have any issues.

What Shaving Level should I choose?
We offer 3 levels of shaving. Normal shaving level is a balanced level of good performance and good durability (Approximately 10% loss in durability). Aggressive shaving (better performance but greater likelihood of cracking in 800 hits or less) and Freaking HOT level (This is the highest level possible when shaving). With the Freaking HOT level you may only get 200-400 hits before breakage. 9 out of 10 customers get the normal shaving level and are more than satisfied with the performance. We recommend the normal level to most customers since the cost of bats  is quite expensive but if money is not a concern feel free to select one of our higher shaving levels but please understand you're bat may crack after a couple hundred hits if you choose one of these higher levels..

Is BatRolling4u, LLC an authorized dealer for the bats listed on your site and do they come with standard warranties?
Unfortunately, we are NOT an "authorized dealer" for the bats listed on our site or purchased through our website. We do not re-label or re-paint bats. All bats sold on our site are authentic products they just do not come with warranty since we are not permitted to offer warranties. Only authorized dealers qualify. We are not affiliated with any manufacturer or association referenced on our site. The use of any names, descriptions or certification markings are simply for identification purposes only and in no way indicate that they are approved for use in a particular league or association following the rolling or shaving process. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify they are permitted prior to use.