2013 Miken Super Freak Maxload 1.20

2013 Miken Super Freak Maxload USSSA - Shaved Rolled

  • 13.5 Inch Barrel
  • MaxLoad Swing Weight
  • One-Piece 100% Composite Construction
  • Miken's new MPa7 resin system is calibrated to optimize your bat's performance
  • R900 Carbon Fiber

Purchase Terms & Conditions

By purchasing heat rolled bat(s) on this page the following is accepted by purchaser; I understand that my purchased bat(s) has been heat rolled and deemed GAME READY, which may be against the rules for your particular league or associations we recommend that you contact your league or association regarding the use of an accelerated break in process. The bat(s) We test each 2 1/4" bat with our approved compression testing devices to ensure they will not exceed the design specifications but still many associations still discourage this type or process even though bat manufacturers are required to submit samples of each bat to the associations for testing using a process similar to our rolling process before receiving approval to use their certification stamps. I will not hold BatRolling4u liable, any of its associates, owners, or partners from all connections with any person(s) using purchased bat(s) or any claims of injury resulting from the modifications made to the bat(s). I understand bat(s) should only be used in 65 degree or above weather and BatRolling4u does not warranty breakage of bat(s). By purchasing any rolled bat(s), I understand and accept the terms herein; I have read, agree to, and comprehend the terms above.

*Bats may not comply to association performance standards after being rolled. Description is of a bat that is not altered by BatRolling4u.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any injury that may occur from the use of altered BatRolling4u bats. They are not intended for use in any association play listed. They may no longer legal for use in those association's leagues, tournaments or fields that are governed by these associations. Game Ready Bats by the BatRolling4u have no warranty.

The use of the corporate names Worth, Miken, Demarini, Combat, TPS, Louisville Slugger, Mizuno, Marucci, Rip-It, Nike, Rawlings, Anderson or any trademarked/copyrighted brand name belonging to these manufacturers is simply for identification purposes. We DO NOT have any affiliation with these brands. We identify the bats as ASA, 1.20 , NSA or ISA only for the purpose of identifying the model of bat. These bats MAY NOT be legal for use in these associations once rolled!

All Heat Rolled Game Ready bats will include a note reminding you of this fact.

2013 Miken Super Freak Maxload

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